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The Australian Civil Air Patrol (AusCAP) is a volunteer organisation committed to serving the community. All members are asked to volunteer their time as required by the organisation. You will be encouraged to attend training days and maintain a preset proficiency level with regards to flight hours and skills required for search and rescue (SAR) operations.
You may be called upon at short notice to respond to a SAR mission pending your availability and commitments. Our past experience has shown that when called upon most members will do their utmost in order to help their fellow man in crisis.

SAR is a specialised area of aviation and requires special skills which a lot of people never get the opportunity to experience in general aviation. As a member of the AusCAP you will get these opportunities as well as being a member of a professional dedicated team of people.
AusCAP is seeking new members with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards. Please make sure that you read and understand AusCAP’s Code of Conduct before applying for membership.

We look forward to receiving your membership application